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Electric Charging Points

Work has begun to install 24 Electric vehicle charging points in Blaby District Council owned car parks.

127 kwh twin chargers will be available in the following car parks:

  • Johns Court, Blaby - Eight bays
  • Enderby Road, Blaby - Eight bays
  • Weavers Court, Narborough - Six bays
  • Leicester Road, Narborough - Two bays

Parking will be free for an introductory period until the end of November, after this date please refer to the App for details on price per kw, with payment made via the charging point suppliers EB Charging app. Links to the app are available at the bottom of the page.

The dedicated charging bays will have a three-hour maximum stay from 8am-6pm Monday to Saturday. Cars parked in the charging bays must be plugged in to a charging point and displaying a valid parking ticket or penalty notices will be issued.

There will be no charge for parking in the bays on Sundays or outside of the enforced hours, but the price per kW charge will apply at all times from the end of the introductory period. Please refer to the app for prices. 

A how-to guide is available to download below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How have the Chargepoints been funded?

The majority (92.5%) was funded by Office of Zero Emission Vehicles and private investment.

Why have the current locations been chosen?

The Chargepoints were funded through the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles On-Street Residential Chargepoint Scheme which sets out very strict criteria. The locations were chosen based on their ability to meet these criteria. We are currently looking at opportunities to install further charge points.

What are the NetX units and how do I use them?

NetX expands a single Type 2 charger socket to three Type 2 sockets. Crucially, NetX balances the available supply across the three sockets according to the state of charge of the connected electric vehicles.

The NetX units will be used alongside the main charger pillars at all locations except Enderby Road Car park.

What type of charge points has the Council installed?

The charge points are Fast Charging and have Type 2 Sockets. These are best suited to charging for longer periods, such as overnight, but will also provide a top up charge during the day. This reflects the main purpose of the chargers which is to provide charging facilities for residents who do not have access to home chargers.

How much will it cost to charge my car?

The rate set is comparable with other local public charge points - Please refer to the App for the latest price.

Where can I get the Electric Blue payment app?

This is available for smartphones from the Apple and Android App Stores, and does not ask for a membership fee or minimum spend. Links to the apps are below.

If two cars are using the same charge point at the same time will it take longer to charge my car?

No. Each of the main charge point sockets is supplied by a separate power cable and provides 7kW/h. There will be no reduction in flow if two cars use the charge point at the same time. If one vehicle is plugged into the NetX unit the rate of charge is also 7kW. If two cars are plugged into a NetX unit then the rate is 3.5kW.

Can I leave my car to charge overnight?

Yes. Please make use of the charge points especially where they do not have access to off street parking. Charging overnight is encouraged.

Last updated 6 January 2022
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