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Leicester Forest East Neighbourhood Planning Referendum

30 June 2022

A referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish of Leicester Forest East has been called on 30 June 2022.

There are two polling stations open for this referendum, St Andrews Church, Hinckley Road, LE3 3PF and Stafford Leys Community Centre at Stafford Leys Primary School, LE3 3LJ. The polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm on polling day.


Who can vote in this referendum?

All eligible electors within the Leicester Forest East parish area who were registered to vote before midnight 14 June 2022 may vote in this referendum. If you aren't sure whether you are eligible to vote in this referendum, please contact the Electoral Services Team.

Voter Registration

Poll cards were sent out to all eligible electors on the register from the end of May. If you live in the Leicester Forest East Parish and have not received a poll card but believe that you should have, please contact the Electoral Services Team to check your registration status.

If you are not registered or you have recently moved address, changed your name or nationality then please visit the government website to register to vote using the link below before the deadline. You will need your national insurance number and any previous registration details (for example the address of your previous registration if you have recently moved).

Postal Vote Applications

The deadline to apply for a postal vote for this referendum was 5pm on the 15 June 2022.

Application forms are available on the Postal Vote page.

Proxy Vote Applications

The deadline to apply for an ordinary proxy vote (where you appoint someone to vote on your behalf) is 5pm on 22 June 2022. Application forms are available on the Proxy Vote page.

If after 5pm on 22 June 2022 you are unable to vote in person because of a medical emergency or you cannot attend a polling station for work reasons then you may apply to vote by emergency proxy. The deadline to apply is 5pm on 30 June 2022. The change must have occurred after 5pm on 22 June 2022. Application forms are available on the Government website, please follow the link below labelled 'Emergency proxy vote'.

Last updated 22 June 2022
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