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Partner Authority Scheme

The use of this scheme allows a “Partner Company” to be twinned with a “Partner Authority” for all future proposals in England and Wales. This ensures Building Regulation Plans Approval can be gained efficiently through its ongoing relationship with one Local Authority.

At the construction stage the Local Authority close to the site, known as 'The Inspecting Authority,' carries out the site inspections. This guarantees an efficient service for site inspections and access to critical local knowledge held within the Local Authority.

When a project is placed under the scheme the Partner Company submits a Full Plans Application to the Inspecting Authority.

Once twinned with its Partner Company a Partner Authority may also offer additional facilities, including:

  • Advice and consultancy in all areas of the legislative operation, for example, Building Regulations, Demolitions and Dangerous Structures
  • Liaison with other Authorities in respect of any aspect of Building Control services
  • Helping companies evolve and develop building regulation policy within their organisation and about their areas of operation

More information about the Partner Authority Scheme can be found on the Local Authority Building Control website.

Last updated 15 November 2019
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