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LABC Registered Details

Local Authority Building Control (LABC) Registered Details specialises in developing fast track routes through the regulatory procedures for standard buildings and building systems. All local authorities in England and Wales are members of LABC.

To save developers time and money, LABC has devised several schemes to facilitate the acceptance of designs intended for use on a national basis.

Once your initial application has been passed, the type approval design can be repeated anywhere throughout England and Wales. Only site-specific details such as foundation and drainage will be subject to individual approvals. National Type Approvals are flexible and allow for extra features such as window and roof shapes to be added as required.

The Systems Approval Scheme works similarly and is intended for companies which produce building systems using standard details and components. A company will be partnered with a specific Local Authority who will become experts in the technical aspects of your system. Once the system has approval the partner Authority will share its expertise with any other Local Authority to ensure the approval process goes as smoothly as possible.

Most building types and building systems will be suitable for approval under one or more of the following schemes:

  • National House Type Approval Scheme
  • Commercial and Industrial Type Approval Scheme
  • Foundation Type Approval Scheme
  • Small Fit-Out Approval Scheme
  • Temporary Structures Type Approval
  • System Approval Scheme

To find out more about the LABC Registered Schemes please contact Building Control or visit the LABC website.

Last updated 7 January 2020
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