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Completion Certificates

A Local Authority 'Completion Certificate' helps to make a property more attractive to prospective purchasers.

We will issue a Completion Certificate when we are satisfied that the work complies with the relevant requirements of Building Regulations. A Completion Certificate is a valuable document that should be kept safe (preferably with your deeds) as without it you may have difficulty selling your property.

You can apply for a duplicate of your completion certificate by filling in the online form below. Replacement completion certificates cost £39.90.

An email with a copy of the certificate should be sent to you within five days of your written request. We do not issue Completion Certificates for works that were undertaken by any other approved Competent Persons or other approved bodies who may supervise the works.

A certificate will not be issued in cases where we are not told that building work has been completed, or the building is occupied without addressing outstanding building regulations matters.

Certificates were not issued before 2000 and as such there is likely to be no completion certificate issued for any applications before this year. However, if a final inspection was completed to the satisfaction of the Inspecting Surveyor then we will issue a document covering these works at our discretion.

If the building work has not been satisfactorily completed, further visits may be required before a Completion Certificate will be issued.

Last updated 27 July 2021
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