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Emergency Food and Essentials

If you are short of money because of a new benefit claim then please ask the DWP for a Short Term Benefit Advance (or a Universal Credit Advance if you are claiming Universal Credit). The rules are lengthy and you should seek help from an advice agency if you have any problems.

Food and Heating help

We work with partners to offer a food parcel in an emergency. To qualify you must be normally resident in the district, not have received help previously under this scheme and not have any food. Fresh produce is not available.

Food parcels can normally only be given to a household once in twelve months. We cannot provide long term assistance. Help will only be given if you can demonstrate that you are in extreme need.

We may be able to help you with an emergency payment for heating if you are out of funds. If you have a pre-payment meter for your gas and/or electricity, This fund is extremely limited and if you have already received assistance from us in the last twelve months we may not be able to help you further.

Please contact the Benefits team if you require help with either a food parcel or an emergency payment.

If you cannot meet your bills or if you have had arrears in respect of gas, electricity and water you should contact your utility company to discuss a repayment plan, if necessary with help of an agency such as Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB).


We may also be able to help certain residents with access to recycled furniture and large kitchen appliances – please contact our Housing team for advice and assistance.

Last updated 29 October 2019
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