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Temporary road closures – Events on the highways or affecting traffic


Permission from local authorities will be needed for the temporary closure of roads to allow events or parades to take place.

There are various mechanisms for closing streets and roads:

  • Blaby District Council can use its powers under the Town Police Clauses Act to close streets for the purpose of “public procession, rejoicing or illumination”. This type of road closure is suitable for small community events such as street parties and Remembrance Day parades.

  • Leicestershire County Council is the Highways Authority and has additional powers under the Road Traffic Regulation Act to close roads in connection with “sporting, social or entertainment” events. These powers should be used where larger roads for example trunk roads are affected by an event.

  • The Police have powers to close streets in an emergency where unplanned obstructions threaten public safety.

Important Update

From August 2017 the Police are unable to provide officers to facilitate road closures. The provision of suitable traffic management for an event is the responsibility of the event organiser.

Blaby District Council will only be able to issue a road closure under the Town Police Clauses Act if it is satisfied that appropriate event safety measures are put in place on the day.
Leicestershire County Council may be able to provide traffic signage for your event subject to cost and availability – please contact The Highways Department on 0116 305 0001 or by email to etd@leics.gov.uk.

Please note that for Remembrance Day events November 2017 the County Council is waiving costs for traffic signage, but signage is available on a first come, first served basis.

The Leicestershire County Council Highways department has issued the following guidance for event organisers: Remembrance Day Traffic Management Guidance V1.

How to apply for permission from Blaby District Council

You must apply to Blaby District Council for an order to close the street under the Town and Police Clauses Act using the form available for download below at least 8 weeks in advance of the event and send it to legal.services@blaby.gov.uk. Make sure you provide all the additional information required as part of the application form a plan indicating the streets that will need to be closed and the route of any parade (if applicable).

Your risk assessment must be thorough and set out in detail how each element of your road closure will operate and how any hazards will be addressed. Please visit the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Website for more information on dealing with event safety: http://www.hse.gov.uk/event-safety/transport.htm 

Make sure you inform the emergency and ambulance services about your event and consult with residents and businesses that might be affected by the road closure.

Leicestershire Event Management

To assist in wider event management and planning across the County, please contact Leicestershire County Council and ask for a copy of the Event Management Matrix networkmanagement@leics.gov.uk. This email address can also be used to request guidance and advice on filling out the Event Management Matrix form.

How to apply for permission from the Highways Authority at Leicestershire County Council

If your event is not suitable for a Order under the Town Police Clauses Act, you will need to apply to Leicestershire County Council, who are the Highways Authority, for an order to close the roads.

To apply, contact Timesh Patel at the highways department at Leicestershire County Council, either by email to roadclosures@leics.gov.uk, or direct to Timesh Patel - Timesh.Patel@leics.gov.uk.

Further information

Why apply for a Temporary Road Closure Order?

You, as an event organiser, have responsibility for ensuring the safety of those attending your event and the safety of those who may be affected by it. Without a Temporary Road Closure Order or a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order in place any motorist/road user can exercise their right to use the road and you are powerless to stop them.

If an accident occurs you may find that failure to obtain a Temporary Road Closure Order or Temporary Traffic Regulation Order will affect your insurance position.

An application made to Blaby District Council for a Temporary Road Closure under the Town and Police Clauses Act 1847 is judged on the following criteria:

  • The timescale for approval (a minimum of 8 weeks)

  • The nature of the event

  • The appropriateness of traffic management arrangements
    The anticipated numbers of persons attending within the road closure

  • The necessity for the road closure on the grounds of public safety

  • A map of the intended route

  • Risk Assessment

  • Proof of public liability insurance to the value of £5 million or such higher figure that is needed to provide adequate cover for the particular event

  • A management plan that includes emergency contact names and telephone numbers

  • The length of time of the anticipated road closure

  • Disruption to traffic flow

  • The viability of alternative traffic routes

  • Access by emergency services to locations within the road closure zone

  • Evidence of consultation with persons occupying premises fronting the affected streets

  • Objections raised by other parties/individuals

  • Other grounds deemed relevant to the application

NB. The arrangements for setting out the road closure are the responsibility of the event organiser.

Do I need other licences or permissions for my event?

If your event includes carrying out licensable activities, such as the sale of alcohol, regulated entertainment and/or late night refreshment, you should contact the Licensing team at Blaby District Council to discuss the need for a Temporary Event Notices (TEN). These notices can be given for carrying out licensable activities on a temporary basis - for example, ad hoc or occasional events.

More information on Temporary Event Notices (TEN) can be found on the Temporary Event Notice page.

Forms for download

Temporary Road Closure Application Form Word
Template for risk assessment Word
Traffic Management Plan Word

Printable forms

Temporary Road Closure Application Form PDF
Template for risk assessment PDF
Traffic Management Plan PDF
Request for signs and cones for parades/events


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Last updated: 20 June 2018

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