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The planning process explained


Once we have received an application, it is checked to make sure that all the details are correct and the necessary documents have been included.

If the application is correct the details are entered onto our computerised application system. It is at this stage that the consultation and publicity period starts.

The application details are placed in a planning register, advertised in the local press and/or by site notice (where required) and notification letters are sent out to statutory consultees and neighbours (these are all at the discretion of the Case Officer).

The application details can be inspected online or by visiting the Council Offices in Narborough.

Anyone wishing to make a comment on the application has 21 days from the publicity date to put these in writing to us in order that they can be considered as a part of the decision process. You can do this in one of three ways, through Planning Application Search, by email or by post.

The nature/complexity of the application will influence how long it takes to make a decision but we aim to process the majority of planning applications within 8 weeks. Major applications, such as large housing developments, are usually determined within 13 weeks.

The site will be inspected by the Case Officer and any further consultations/ negotiations will be carried out. A recommendation will then be prepared.

The decision process

For relatively simple applications, a decision can be made once the statutory consultation period has passed. This may vary from between 21 and 28 days depending on the consultations and/or publicity that was required for the application. This is normally done by the Case Officer.


More complex applications are generally determined by The Development Control Committee, which meets every 4 weeks. It is made up of elected Members who listen to the views of the public and the reports of the Case Officers. A decision will then follow a debate between Members on the application. Public speaking is allowed at these committees.

These are public meetings so if there is an item on the agenda that is of interest to you, you are more than welcome to go along. Our committee papers and decision making section has the calendar of forthcoming meetings, agendas, reports, and minutes of previous meetings.

How we tell you about the decision on an application

The decision notice will be forwarded to the applicant or their agent. It will clearly explain the decision, including the reason for any conditions.


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Last updated: 27 March 2018

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