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Street naming and numbering


The address of a property is increasingly becoming a very important issue. More organisations, postal and emergency services and the general public need an efficient means of locating and referencing properties.

The Council is the Street Naming and Numbering Authority for the area. It carries out these functions under the provisions of the Public Health Act 1925 Sections 17-19.

Blaby District Council charges for the recovery of costs incurred whilst carrying out its statutory street naming and numbering function.

Please see the Building Control Fee Charges  for full details of costs involved.

Please note that Blaby Building Control does not charge for this service when the Developer uses the Council’s Building Control Service to carry out the full Building Control function on the proposal.

How to request new or changes to the naming and numbering of streets and buildings

Complete the Street Naming and Numbering Application form below:

Street Naming and Numbering Operational Guidance

Street Naming and Numbering Policy

Further information

This activity of Building Control is little known but none the less very important and essential.

Street naming and numbering is important for:

  • post to be delivered efficiently;
  • emergency services to find a property quickly;
  • visitors to find where they want to go;
  • reliable delivery of products and services;
  • records of service providers to be kept in an efficient manner.

In the process of naming new streets certain guidelines must be followed and care must be taken to avoid duplication or the linking of names already in use.

Where large scale developments have taken place it has been the practice to adopt a particular theme when deciding on the names to be used and there are several examples throughout the District.

All the public service utilities must be informed of all new streets and numbering of premises together with County Council Departments and the Council’s own internal Sections. How else would they know where to send electricity bills, gas bills, water charges and Council Tax accounts.

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Last updated: 16 October 2017

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