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Making an application for building regulation approval


Before starting any building work to your property you should check if you require a building regulations application.  Most work will require an application which you must submit before starting any work.  For more information refer to  Application advice. 

How to apply

All applications can be paid for via cheque or card .Please be advised that cheques need to be made payable to Blaby District Council.

Guidance notes for building control applications Form

Apply online

You can complete our Online Building Control Form, for Full plans applications, Building notice applications and Regularisation applications. You can upload plans (if relevant) and make payment by debit or credit card.

Apply by telephone

Contact Building Control direct on the telephone number provided opposite - we can fill out the appropriate application form and take payments over the telephone.

Apply by post

Download and complete the appropriate application form and return it, along with correct payment and plans (if relevant) to the address

Full Plans Application Form

Building Notice Application Form

Regularisation Application Form

Privacy Notice

The personal information you supply to Blaby District Council in these forms will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 (when in force). We may share this information with other council departments, local authorities, government departments or law enforcement organisations to improve service delivery or for the prevention or detection of crime and fraud where the law allows this. Further information on how we handle your personal information can be found on the Data Protection Notice web page

Full Plans or Building Notice?

The following table indicates the significant differences between the Full Plans type of approval and the Building Notice process.

Full Plans Approval Building Notice
(cannot be used for buildings with a 'relevant use' ie workplaces etc.)
Detailed drawings, specifications and calculations are Approved to Building Regulation standards. Drawings are not Approved, no matter how detailed.
In most cases professional advice is necessary to prepare the required fully detailed information. Limited details initially required, although further details may be necessary as works proceed.
Commencement possible after 48 hours notice, although works are at the applicants own risk until the plans are Approved. Commencement is possible 48 hours after the Notice is registered.
The plan fee is payable upon deposit of the plans. The inspection fee is due after the first site inspection. The full fee is required with the Notice at the time of submission.
Further information is only required if works on site vary from the Approved Plans. Further information might be required at any time to justify the works on site.
Notice is required at various stages of the works to enable the key stages to be inspected. Notices also required at key stages. However, more emphasis is placed on discussions during site visits.
Approved drawings gives the applicant the reassurance that the works on site comply with the Regulations, and the drawings provide a sound basis for estimating purposes. The Builder must be capable of constructing the works to the required standards without detailed (Approved) drawings. The possibility arises for unforeseen extras to arise during the project.
Recommended for the majority of cases, particularly complex and larger projects, and loft conversions. Recommended for projects of a minor (domestic) nature, cannot be used for work on designated buildings ie those requiring a fire certificate (eg offices, shops etc).



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Last updated: 31 January 2019

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