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Hate incidents


The Hate Incident Monitoring Project has been set up by the County Council with partner agencies across Leicestershire including Blaby District Council, to encourage victims to speak out.

Hate incidents could be physical, verbal or written abuse. They take many forms but are essentially about someone being targeted because they are believed to be different, because of age, disability, gender identity, race, religion / belief or sexual orientation.

How to report hate incidents in Leicestershire

If you have been a victim, or if you have witnessed or become aware of a hate incident, please tell us. By telling us we can find out more about these incidents across the county, which will help us to work with our partners to find ways to prevent them happening in the future.

  • By completing the online reporting form or downloading and completing a copy available from www.leics.gov.uk/reporthate  
  • By calling the Hate Incident Monitoring Project on 0116 305 8263.
  • By contacting Blaby District Council on 0116 272 7677.
  • By contacting your nearest reporting centre. These include: Leicestershire County Council, District and Borough Councils including Blaby District Council, Victim Support Leicestershire, Charnwood Racial Equality Council and many other partner organisations (a complete list is available from the Leicestershire Website). Call 0116 265 8263 for more details.
  • In confidence directly to your line manager if you are a Blaby District Council employee, this will then be referred to the Hate Incident Monitoring Project. The reported incident will then be recorded and dealt with under the appropriate policy within the authority.
  • If you think the incident involved is a criminal offence you should report it to the police by calling 101.

Further information

What is a hate incident?

A hate incident is any incident where you or someone else has been targeted because they or you are seen as being different. Anyone can be a victim of hate because of prejudice against their age, disability, gender identity, race, religion / belief or sexual orientation.

This means:

  • You don't have to be from a minority group to be a victim of hate.
  • If anyone says it's a hate incident it should be reported as such.
  • No matter how trivial it may seem if you think it's a hate incident please report it.
  • No evidence is required to report an incident, it's the 'perception' that counts.

An incident can take many forms - it may be physical, verbal or written. Some examples of hate incidents:

  • Someone overhears language they think is racist.
  • A person receives threatening letters which they feel have been motivated by their disability.
  • A man, leaving a gay bar, may be verbally abused and perceive it was motivated by homophobia whether or not he is gay.

Why is it important to report hate incidents?

If we don't know about it we can't change it. Reporting makes a difference... to you, your family and your life... help us to help you.

Who can report an incident?

You may report an incident whether you are a victim, witness, or third party who has become aware of an incident.

  • Incidents involving council staff, services, service users and visitors including those not employed by the council may also be reported.
  • You do not have to identify yourself.
  • In most cases further action will only take place at the wishes of the victim or reporting person.
  • Even if you do not wish any further action to take place it is still important for you to report the incident.

Stop Disability Hate Crime

Disability hate crime has a profound affect on disabled people’s lives. To truly tackle it there needs to be an increase in the number of crimes, and incidents, that are reported. Until the majority of these crimes are reported there will never be a true picture of the prevalence of disability hate crime in this country and nothing will change.

By reporting disability hate crime you are enabling your local police force to get a better picture of disability hate crime in your area. This could mean that further disability hate crimes are prevented because the police have a better understanding of the amount of crime in their area and they can use that information to better tackle it.


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