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    The Council offers a limited service providing sand bags.
    The core activity of the Council is to mitigate the effects of flooding on the population of the District by identifying potential flood situations and significant casual factors and working with the Environment Agency and Leicestershire Flood Working Group to co-ordinate works of flood prevention.

Additionally, works are undertaken to maintain the free flow of storm water down watercourses to reduce the probability of flooding by implementing the flood prevention programme. A suitable 24 hour emergency standby arrangement for flood related matters is maintained.

The Council also responds to enquiries from the public on flooding and drainage matters, and offers advice.

In a flooding emergency contact us on 0870 238 5000

Sandbags Procedure

The Council like all Local Authorities does not have a statutory duty to provide residents with sandbags and maintains only limited stock for the following reasons:

  • Sandbags provide only limited protection against flooding and are relatively ineffective when compared with purpose designed flood protection products.

  • Transportation and the correct positioning of sandbags on a timely basis (before flooding has occurred) often prove difficult, particularly in the event of widespread disruption.

  • Sandbags have a limited shelf life.

The Council will nevertheless make any stock available in line with the following priorities during a flood:

  1. To protect life, critical infrastructure and buildings, for example hospitals and substations.

  2. To protect elderly, disabled and vulnerable residents.

  3. To facilitate access by emergency vehicles

  4. To protect the habitable parts of property only

Please note: Sandbags will NOT be made available for the protection of gardens, outbuildings or garages.
The time frame for providing assistance in the form of sandbags during a flooding event can be very short and in many cases demand will exceed the capacity of the immediately available resources of the Council.  It is therefore important that the Council has a clear approach that takes these time and resource limitations into account.  Reliance on the District Council to provide sandbags should not be considered as the primary means of protection.

The primary responsibility for protecting property from the risk of flooding rests with the property owner.  The Council urges those living within areas identified at being at risk from flooding to follow the advice of the Environment Agency to protect their homes.  In the event that flooding occurs, residents are advised to concentrate their efforts on protecting family members and belongings. 

DIY stores and builders merchants –Sandbags can often be purchased from these outlets.

The council works closely with all local communities at risk of flooding, has a Flood Plan and actively encourages, supports and promotes the use of Volunteer Flood Wardens.  

Further advice on sandbags and flood related matters can be obtained from the following sources:

Leicestershire, Leicester City and Rutland Local Resilience Partnership – for emergency planning advice and assistance
Telephone: 0116 305 6101
Website: www.llrprepared.org.uk/be-aware/flooding   
The Environment Agency –Advice on flood risk, protecting your home (including how to build a sandbag wall) and flood information services. 

Telephone: 0845 988 1188
Website: www.gov.uk/government/organisations/environment-agency
National Flood Forum is a national charity, run by victims of flooding. They offer impartial advice on flooding issues and publish ‘Blue Pages’, a directory of tried and tested flood protection products.
Telephone: 01299 403055
Website: www.nationalfloodforum.org.uk
The British Standards Institute – the BSI has given a “Kitemark” to a number of flood protection products but please note that the Council cannot endorse a particular product or supplier.
Telephone: 0845 086 9001
Website: www.bsigroup.com/en-GB
The Blue Cross For a leaflet about looking after your pets during flooding.
Telephone: 0300 777 1897
Website: www.bluecross.org.uk/pet-advice/pets-and-floods 



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Last updated: 06 December 2017

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