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You can appeal if you think your Council Tax is wrong. You should however continue to pay your original bill whilst your appeal is pending.

How to make an appeal

Your appeal should be made in writing to the Council stating who you are, where you live and details of what decision you are appealing against.

The Council then has two months to consider your comments. If it rejects your arguments or fails to reply within the two month period, you can appeal to a Valuation Tribunal.

Any appeal to the Valuation Tribunal must be made within two months of receiving a reply from the Council or four months from the date of your original appeal.

The address of your local Valuation Tribunal is:

Doncaster Valuation Tribunal

3rd Floor

Cossgate House

Wood Street



Your appeal to the Valuation Tribunal should be made in writing, stating the decision you are appealing against and why. If you and all other parties agree, your case can be dealt with in writing.

If this is not satisfactory the Tribunal will contact you to make arrangements for a formal hearing and will provide you with information explaining the procedures in detail.

A hearing usually lasts no longer than a day and will not cost you anything, unless you decide to employ a solicitor to represent your case for you.

If the Tribunal decides in your favour the Council will revise your bill and adjust any necessary payments or details.

If the Tribunal decides in the Councils favour, then payments should be made immediately to bring the account up to date.

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