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Animal Services


The Animal Services Officer is responsible for dealing with aspects of animal related issues, including dog fouling, nuisance complaints, dangerous dogs, and general advice.

The Animal Services Officer also works alongside the Licensing Team to inspect and issue animal licences.

Bite Back Campaign

The Blaby District Bite Back campaign has been launched to give local residents, organisations and farmers the opportunity to highlight the issue of irresponsible dog ownership in the district.

Irresponsible owners of dogs can cause serious issues across the local area. Dogs not under control in rural areas can cause damage to farmers and livestock. Failing to pick up after a dog in a rural area can cause devastating effects if the dog faeces is carrying disease.

Residents and local organisations wanting to help

You can now register to receive a Bite Back Pack, which will contain:

  • Weather-proof posters
  • Dog bags
  • Stencil kits for pavements
  • Information pack on how to report anyone not picking up after a dog

Who can take part?

  • Any residents looking to put up posters in their local area
  • Farmers who want to highlight the issue around their land
  • Sports teams and local organisations with recreation areas

See the Bite Back Posters you can request

Get in touch

To register for a free pack contact Animal Services by calling 0116 272 7555 or email


Responsible Dog Ownership


Dog Warden  
Regulatory Services  
Blaby District Council  
Council Offices  
Desford Road  
LE19 2EP

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0116 272 7555
This number is for complaints and advice only.
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07442 535012 / 01509 842327
Out of hours:
Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, weekends and Bank Holidays 10am-8pm
These numbers are for stray dog collection only.
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0116 272 7594
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0116 284 9786
Last updated: 05 September 2018

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