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Gambling Act 2005 – Overview


The Gambling Act 2005 governs the provision of all gambling in Great Britain except the National Lottery and spread betting.

The Gambling Commission regulates the gambling industry and local authorities are responsible for issuing premises licence, permits and other required authorisations.

How to apply for a licence

  1. Complete the appropriate application form
  2. Attach any supporting documents
  3. Attach a plan of the premise (where applicable)
  4. Attach the application fee (where applicable)
  5. Send copies of application to the Responsible Authorities

Further information

The Act created three objectives:

  1. To prevent crime and disorder

  2. To ensure gambling was conducted in a fair and open way

  3. To protect children and vulnerable persons from harm

The major areas of gambling covered are:

  • Casinos

  • Track betting

  • Betting shops

  • Gaming machines

  • Bingo

  • Prize gaming

  • Lotteries

The Gambling Act 2005 provides for three categories of licence:

Operating Licences – Individuals and companies who intend to provide facilities for certain types of gambling must obtain an operating licence from the Gambling Commission. In general, these licences cover the principal commercial forms of gambling operation.

Personal Licences – These are granted to individuals. For each operating licence at least one person should hold a specified management office and that person must hold a personal licence from the Commission.

Premises Licences – These will be granted by Licensing Authorities and may authorise the provision of facilities in certain types of premises.

Responsibility for administration of the regime is shared between local authorities, which are licensing authorities under the Act, and the Gambling Commission.

The Gambling Commission is independent of the Government. It will issue operating licences to providers of gambling and personal licences to certain personnel in those operations. Its remit will encompass most of the main forms of commercial gambling and will have extensive powers over its licensees.

Licensing Authorities’ main responsibilities are:

  • Licence premises for gambling activities

  • Consider notices given for the temporary use of premises for gambling

  • Grant permits for gaming and gaming machines in clubs and miners’ welfare institutes

  • Regulate gaming and gaming machines in alcohol licensed premises

  • Grant permits to family entertainment centres for the use of certain lower stake gaming machines

  • Grant permits for prize gaming

  • Consider occasional use notices for betting at tracks

  • Register small societies’ lotteries

External websites

The Gambling Commission (external link)

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport (external link)


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Last updated: 13 November 2017

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