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Registering premises


Business premises are required to be registered with the local authority. Following an application an Officer will visit premises to check they meet health and safety guidelines and conform with local Byelaws. Premises will be inspected on a regular basis once registered

Further information

Moving Premises

If you are moving into or vacating business premises within the Blaby District you will need to contact us or complete the online form above.

Empty Property Rates

Empty property rates are payable on most properties. Once a property is empty Industrial Properties (that is – Workshops, Factories, Warehouses etc) will benefit from an exemption of 6 months after which they will be liable to pay the full amount of Business Rates due. Commercial Properties (that is – Offices, Shops etc) will benefit from an exemption of 3 months after which they will be liable to pay the full amount of Business Rates due.

There are exemptions from these charges where a full exemption will be applied, these are:

  • Occupation Prohibited by law
  • Kept vacant by action of the Crown
  • Listed Buildings
  • Ancient Monuments
  • Hereditament's with a Rateable Value of £2,199 or less
  • Possession only as a personal representative of a deceased person
  • Possession only as a trustee in bankruptcy
  • Possession only as a liquidator
  • Possession only as a trustee under a Deed of Arrangement

Partly Occupied Properties

Where a property is only partly occupied for a short period of time and there is an intention to occupy the area in the future, it may be possible to apply for a temporary reduction to the amount of business rates payable.

If you wish to apply for this reduction the Revenues Section will require a scale plan of your property showing the unoccupied areas. On receipt of this an inspection will be carried out to determine whether a reduction is applicable. Relief is usually granted from the date the inspection is undertaken, therefore it is advisable to contact us as soon as possible. A request will then be issued to the Valuation Office in order that the rateable value can be apportioned between the occupied and unoccupied areas. A reduction is granted based on the rateable value of the unoccupied area, for no more than 6 months in the case of Industrial property and 3 months in the case of Commercial property.

For further information or to arrange an inspection please contact the Revenues Section.


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Last updated: 16 October 2017

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