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Proxy vote is a facility for people who cannot attend a polling station (usually for reasons of ill-health or employment) on election day; they can nominate another person who will vote on their behalf. The proxy must be eligible to vote in the election themselves in order to act on behalf of another person.

Further information

Proxy application forms are available to download at Proxy Application Forms.

Please note that your signature and date of birth will be read electronically and the boxes must therefore be correctly entered in a specific place on your application form.   

What is proxy voting?

If you are unable to vote in person, you can choose to vote by proxy (someone else voting on your behalf). You can apply to vote by proxy for a particular election, for a set period of time or for all future elections.

Can I apply for a proxy vote?

You can apply for a proxy vote as long as you are individually registered to vote. When you apply for a proxy vote you have to provide a reason. You can apply for a proxy vote if:

  • You are unable to go to the polling station for one particular election, for example, if you are away on holiday

  • You have a physical condition that means you cannot go to the polling station on election day

  • Your employment means that you cannot go to the polling station on election day

  • Your attendance on an educational course means that you cannot go to the polling station on election day

  • You are a British citizen living overseas

  • You are a crown servant or a member of Her Majesty's Armed Forces

If electors are registered blind, they may ask someone to support their application to confirm that their reason for applying to vote by proxy is valid.

Who can vote on my behalf?

Anyone can be your proxy as long as they are individually registered and eligible to vote in UK elections. The proxy must be eligible to vote in the election for which they have been appointed as a proxy. The proxy must be willing to vote on your behalf and cannot act as a Proxy for more than 2 other electors.

How do I apply to vote by proxy?

  • Download a proxy vote application form online at Proxy Application Forms, or ask us for a form by phoning the Electoral Services Team.

  • Fill in the form and make sure you include your signature and date of birth in the designated boxes.

  • Return your completed form to Electoral Services so that it arrives at least six working days before the election.

Why do I need to give my date of birth and signature when applying?

New regulations which came into force on 1st January 2007 require all persons applying for a proxy vote to provide their date of birth, and signature on their application form. This information is needed to tackle fraud.

What if I am unable to sign?

If you are unable to sign, because of a disability, illness, you are unable to read or write or are unable to sign in a consistent or distinctive manner, you are entitled to apply for a waiver.

A proxy vote application form, combined with a signature waiver request can be downloaded or can be requested by contacting the Electoral Services Team.

Emergency proxy applications

It is now possible to apply for an emergency proxy up to 5pm on polling day, on the grounds of a medical emergency or where an elector has been unexpectedly called away because of their employment or service. You can only do this at the time of an election.

What happens after I've applied?

  • Your proxy must go to your polling station to vote. If your proxy cannot get to the polling station, they can apply to vote for you by post. An application for a proxy to vote by post is available to download.

  • Your proxy will be sent a proxy poll card before the election telling them which polling station they have to go to.

  • You must let your proxy know how you want them to vote on your behalf, for example, which candidate or which party.

  • If you are able to go to the polling station on election day, you can still vote provided your proxy has not already done so or has not applied to vote by post.

Please return your completed application form to the Electoral Services Team.

Privacy Notice

The personal information you supply to Blaby District Council in this form will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 (when in force). We may share this information with other council departments, local authorities, government departments or law enforcement organisations to improve service delivery or for the prevention or detection of crime and fraud where the law allows this. Further information on how we handle your personal information can be found on the Data Protection Notice web page.

When registering to vote and to verify your identity, the data you provide will be processed by the Individual Electoral Registration Digital Service managed by the Cabinet Office. As part of this process your data will be shared with the Department of Work and Pensions and the Cabinet Office suppliers that are data processors for the Individual Electoral Registration Digital Service. You can find more information about this here:

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Last updated: 23 May 2018

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