General Election June 2017 - Blaby District Council

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General Election 2017 - South Leicestershire Constituency

Polling Station

A UK Parliamentary General Election was held on 8 June 2017. We arrange elections for the South Leicestershire constituency.

Charnwood Borough Council arrange elections for the Charnwood Constituency (areas of Blaby District fall within the Charnwood constituency) and relevant information and notices are available by clicking here.

Results and Public Notices

Declaration of Result - South Leicestershire constituency

Statement of Persons Nominated, Notice of Poll and Situation of Polling Stations

Notice of Election Agents

Notice of Election

Candidates and Agents

A briefing session for Candidates and Agents was held on Thursday 27 April at 6pm. The session took place in the Council Chamber at Blaby District Council, Council Offices, Desford Road, Narborough, Leicestershire LE19 2EP.

Nominations for the South Leicestershire Constituency have now closed.

Leicestershire Constabulary - SPOC Briefing

Voter Registration

Please note that the deadline to register to vote at the 2017 General Election was Monday 22 May 2017.

The deadline to apply for a postal vote for this election was 5pm on Tuesday 23 May 2017.

The deadline to apply for an ordinary proxy vote (where you appoint someone to vote on your behalf) was 5pm on Wednesday 31 May.

If after 5pm on 31 May you are unable to vote in person because of a medical emergency or you cannot attend a polling station for work reasons then you may apply to vote by emergency proxy. The deadline to apply is 5pm on 8th June. The change must have occurred after 5pm on 31 May. Application forms are available at

Poll cards are sent out in advance of poll day (although you do not need to bring your card to cast your vote, it does however make it easier upon arrival at the polling station if you do bring it and show the card to the poll staff who will locate your record on the electoral register).

If you need to check if you are on the electoral register please contact the Electoral Services Team.

Polling Stations opened from 7am to 10pm on 8 June 2017 and a list of polling stations are on the published notices above. Polling Station details are also available on the 'My Blaby' search facility on the homepage of the website by entering your post code (although note that your nearest polling station may not be your designated station for voting - this will be confirmed on your poll card).

Further information is available at

Assistance for Voters

Mencap have produced easy read guides and information relating to the General Election, click here to access the guides.


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Last updated: 13 November 2017

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