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Monitoring and land availability


Monitoring is important in terms of understanding the effectiveness of policies that have been implemented, as well as being essential in understanding the levels of development (both residential and employment) within the District on an annual basis.

The progress of the Local Plan and the effectiveness of the policies within it are monitored, as well as the amount of residential and employment development within the District, through the following documents.

Authority Monitoring Report

The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act requires every Local Planning Authority to produce an Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) as part of the Local Plan. The AMR should contain information about the implementation of the Local Development Scheme (LDS), and the extent to which the milestones in the LDS are being achieved. The AMR should monitor the performance and effects of Local Plan policies and cover the period from 1st April to 31st March each year.

Authority Monitoring Report 2018

Residential Land Availability

The Residential Land Availability (RLA) is produced on an annual basis and monitors the number of planning permissions for residential units around the District, as well as those under construction and completed. The information within the RLA is used to inform the Authority Monitoring Report, as well as the calculation of the 5 year supply of housing within the District.

Residential Land Availability 2017 / 18

Employment Land Availability 

The ELA is produced on an annual basis and provides a list of employment sites which are allocated for employment uses in the adopted Blaby District Local Plan (1999), or have planning permission, and where development has commenced or has been completed since the previous survey. This document also lists any significant losses of employment land to other land uses.

Employment Land Availability 2017 / 18


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