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About the Council

Blaby Plan 2018 - 2021

Our Vision for the district

Blaby District is made up of thriving and vibrant communities where people are happy to live, work and visit.

For any organisation to be really effective, whether in the public or private sector, it must have focus and direction. It needs to be clear on its purpose, concentrate on what matters, and plan to achieve these.

The Blaby Plan 2018-21 sets out our ambitions and how we will deliver our priorities, with partners, to our community. It is the result of listening to customers, staff and stakeholders, and collecting and analysing information.

We believe that our purpose is to do our bit to improve the well being and quality of life of local people. We are ambitious for our area and want to deliver the very best outcomes. However, we have to set this against a background of on going challenges in funding and resources. We could just focus on what we are required to do legally but our residents tell us that there are many other issues important to them. We will work and support the district in being a great place to live, work and visit.

The Blaby Plan is not just a list of things that we want to achieve for the district. It sets out our priorities, our resources and how we support staff to deliver in ever changing times. We will be working alongside partners to deliver clear outcomes and make a real difference for everyone.

The key documents that make up the Blaby Plan 2018-21 are the Council`s Corporate Plan, Medium Term Financial Strategy and People Strategy – in other words, what is our vision and plan for the next 3 years, how we will manage our money, and our staff to deliver these.

Our Priorities for the district:

  • Live  - Strong, healthy, safe, sustainable communities where the most vulnerable are supported.
  • Work  - A thriving, prosperous, innovative local economy with a skilled and healthy workforce contributing to the local community.
  • Visit  - A strong leisure and tourist sector and well maintained and accessible attractions available in the local area encourage visitors to the district 

Medium Term financial Strategy

The amount of money we have to provide services is limited by the funding we receive and our ability to secure income and charge for certain services.

Our money from central government is expected to reduce in the coming years. This will leave us with a gap of between £582k and £929K per year over the next 5 years. We are working hard to continue to identify savings and generate income in order to deliver services in a structures way and minimise disruption to customers.

People Strategy

Blaby District Council is a great place to work

People are our most valuable

The key ambitions of the people strategy are grouped under

A great place to work....

  • ...and be developed

  • ...and be healthy

  • ...and be valued


       Blaby Plan 2018-2021

The Medium Term Financial Strategy

The People Strategy


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Last updated: 03 October 2018

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