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Scrutiny is part of the checks and balances of the Council's political management structure. A Scrutiny Commission has been established which has the role of:

  • Monitoring the work of the Cabinet Executive
  • Advising on plans, policies and service delivery
  • Exercising the right to call-in decisions made but not yet implemented by the Cabinet Executive
  • Considering any matter affecting the district

The Scrutiny process also aims to encourage public involvement allowing the community to have a greater say in council matters and issues of local concern.

Information about scrutiny can also be found at:

Centre for Public Scrutiny (external link)

What is the Scrutiny Commission?

The Commission is committed to improving the way it works to ensure better outcomes for our community and over the past two years we have made clear illustration of the step change in our performance is the public recognition of our work. Blaby District Council was one of only three public bodies short listed for the Centre for Public Scrutiny’s Good Scrutiny Awards under the category of 2010 Scrutiny Team of the Year with our work being Highly Commended.

The Scrutiny Commission is made up of 18 Members and has an overarching responsibility for the scrutiny function.  The Chairman of the Commission must be a member of an opposition party. The current Chairman is Councillor Geoff Welsh of the Liberal Democrat Group.

Guiding the work of the Scrutiny Commission are three Scrutiny Commissioners - one from each political group represented on the Council.

  • Councillor Geoff Welsh (Liberal Democrat)
  • Councillor Bill Wright (Labour) 
  • Councillor Mark Jackson (Conservative)

Scrutiny Annual Report

The Scrutiny Commission is required to publish an annual report of its work. The reports outline the work carried out by the Commission and its working groups during the year; provides information on its future work programme and information on how you can suggest issues for review by Scrutiny.

2016/17 Scrutiny Annual Report

2015/16 Scrutiny Annual Report

2014/15 Scrutiny Annual Report

2013/14 Scrutiny Annual Report

2012/13 Scrutiny Annual Report

2011/12 Scrutiny Annual Report

2010/11 Scrutiny Annual Report

2009/10 Scrutiny Annual Report

2008/09 Scrutiny Annual report

2007/08 Scrutiny Annual Report

What is Call-in?

Scrutiny Members can 'call-in' Cabinet Executive decisions which have been made but not yet implemented. They can ask for further information about a decision that has been made and recommend that Cabinet re-considers its decision.


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Last updated: 24 May 2018

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